To meet out the milk necessity for assembling diverse milk items, GANGA DAIRY gets great quality milk from more than 40 country milk obtainment courses. These courses have a normal course arrange with the timing to get milk jars for every town in the morning and nighttime.

All the agriculturists need to spill the milk before the milk truck achieves their town, Once all the ranchers have poured their milk, the milk is gathered in jars and stacked on to the trucks on the exact time settled for picking the jars at the town. In the wake of gathering milk from all the allocated town, the milk obtainment vehicle lands at the Ganga Dairy . The vehicle needs to land at the milk chilling focus at the settled landing time for the vehicle at the GANGA DAIRY.

At theĀ GANGA DAIRY the milk is tried again for a bigger number of parameters than at the towns. When the milk is tried organoleptic partner it is weighed, an example is taken for more nitty gritty tests and pumped to the chilling unit. The specimens are taken for itemized testing. When all the vehicles arrive and all the milk exchanged for chilling the specimens are taken for testing. When the tests are finished and the suitability of the whole Sccs milk is affirmed to meetĀ GANGA strict quality standards, the milk is stacked into a street milk tanker and sent to the dairy creation plant for transforming. At the dairy the milk is put through more tests before taking it up further transforming.